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The Gastro-Guide Project focuses in the strengthening of the competences in tourism especially in the Gastronomy tourism in rural low development regions through the development of the professional profile of GASTRO-GUIDE: the person who works as coach/trainer to inhabitants (mainly young, unemployment, women, disabled) to cover their lack of skills regarding the local communities; gastronomy, cultural and natural heritage.
On one side the Gastro-Guide trains his local neighbors, and in the other side he teaches the visitors about the village’s culture, gastronomy, local food products, thus the Gastro Guide makes its small village a didactic space for learning and experimentation for catering workers, food production companies and people of all ages interested in gastronomy.

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In the “Gastro-Guide Routes” you will find 50 stories of GASTRO-GUIDES from 6 partner countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain, and their suggestions/advises how to become a GASTRO-GUIDE, …