Gastro-Guide Routes

In the “Gastro-Guide Routes” you will find 50 stories of GASTRO-GUIDES from 6 partner countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain, and their suggestions/advises how to become a GASTRO-GUIDE, interesting information about the regions and local recipes.

The stories of Gastro Guides, presented in this Guide, will help to understand the new profession better and decide on your new vocational pathway. For others, who love to travel, it will be a source of information thru the beauty of the world, the different nooks and crannies and amazing landscapes.

You can download it here:

We hope, you can find a lot of inspiration and motivation from our Gastro Guides.

On our Youtube channel:, you can find videos of the Gastro Guides and get to know them better.

Also you can find them in the Interactive Map.

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