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Gastro-Guide Routes
January 31, 2024
In the “Gastro-Guide Routes” you will find 50 stories of GASTRO-GUIDES from 6 partner countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain, and their suggestions/advises how to become a GASTRO-GUIDE, interesting information about the regions and local recipes.
Online Channel
January 31, 2024
About gastronomy, food technology, cooking and agri-food products
Recipes List
January 31, 2024
List of recipes provided by the Gastro-Guides
National Conferences
January 30, 2024

A national conference was organized in every partner country and its aim was to communicate the activities and results of the GASTRO-GUIDE project:

CAHA - Bulgaria
UnionCamere Emilia-Romagna - Italy
Syn Tis Allis - Greece
AVM - Lithuania
Camara Teruel - Spain
FASEnet - Spain
ViaFemina - Poland
Training Modules
July 18, 2023
New professional profile for rural sustainability through education and promotion of agri-food and gastronomy…
Identification of the Professional Profile and Training Needs of Gastro-Guide
January 31, 2023
State of the Art – Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria Since one of the Gastro-Guides project’s main objectives is to develop a new professional profile for coaches in the …
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